Fair Play Moment of the Week

Introducing a brand-new photo contest for the Fall 2018 Season! 

What: A photo contest looking for our Fair Play Moment of the Week (#FairPlayMOTW) 

Why: Fair Play Please is a program that was created to promote a culture of soccer that is built on positivity, and proper sportsmanship from the players, coaches, refs, and even parents. The Fair Play Moment of the Week will highlight people who best personify these qualities that we at SAM Soccer are looking to grow in all of our participants. 

How: Submit photos and stories explaining the moment that promotes fair play across SAM leagues! Photos can be submitted via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag: #FairPlayMOTW

An example submission could be a picture of a child helping another child on the opposing team up.

Upon the conclusion of the weekend SAM Management will choose from the submissions, the child or action that best represents our Fair Play Please program. In addition to be featured across SAM's media outlets, the winner will also be entered into the Fair Play Please Moment of the Season, which results in a grand prize at the end of the season. Good luck and start submitting!